Mission Statement:

CBSIA is committed to....

   Working to reduce pollution in Chesapeake Bay;  

Increasing visibility of CBSIA and its members to insure the industry a voice in formulating furure management plans;

Representing the industry before state and federal regulatory and management agencies, the Maryland General Assembly, and the U.S. Congress;

Sponsoring a voluntary crab meat quality control and assurance program conducted by the University of Maryland;

Working to insure continued access to seasonal workers for our crab meat and oyster processing industries through the H2-B Guest Worker Preogram;

Providing time information to both the industry and consumers about all issues impacting seafood;

Helping individual companies solve specific problems on a case-by-case basis;

Securing research funding to make Maryland seafood companies more competitive in the global wholesale and retail marketplace.

     Bill owned a private oyster business in Chincoteague Bay 1965-1966.He served at the Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources 1968-1988 as Marine Extension Agent and Natural Resource Manager. Then served at Md. Dept. of Agriculture as Seafood Marketing Specialist from 1988 -2000. Served at the University of Md. Extension Service as seasonal seafood technician 2001 to present.

     Bill now holds a part-time pro bono position as Executive Vice President of the Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association–a non-profit trade association comprised of seafood processors, watermen, buyers, dealers, and restaurant owners.

Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association (CBSIA)

CBSIA Officers

Jack Brooks, President

     Robin Hall, Vice President

Bill Sieling, Exec. V.P.

Board Members

Dan Lyons

Clay Brooks

Jerry Harris

Jay Newcomb

Casey Todd

Roy Todd

Aubrey Vincent

Joe Spurry



Bill Sieling, Executive Director